Zeiser® P10 pin-drill unit

Competitive in cost, attractive in design, fast for efficient model production, precise for your reputation!

The Zeiser® model method, in operation since 1980 with scientifically proven accuracy, has been perfected with our latest pin-drill unit, the P10.

Zeiser compensates for dimensional change across the arch which naturally occurs during the die-stone setting phase.

On a Zeiser base plate, model segments will locate in the exact same tooth position as was recorded at the time of impression.

Pin-drill unit P10 complete

Order number 176800


  • Drill unit with universal plate holder (for large & small base plates)
  • Drill bit
  • Tools for drill exchange and drill depth adjustments
  • Wireless foot switch for a fatigue-free operation
  • Transformer

Technical data

Dimension: 250 x 185 x 350 mm
Weight: 10 kg
Power connection: 230 (100/115) V / 0,30 W
Operating voltage: 24 V, Driving speed 2.800 min¹
Laser category: II < 1mW


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